Demonstrations now take place at MBC on Thursday evening and Friday afternoon. “Demos” are round-robin presentations or mini-performances featuring members of our faculty that address a theme, combined with explication and Q&A sessions. Somewhere in between hands-on classes and demos are those classes labeled "demo-instructional." Following are a few examples of the kinds of demos we might offer:


  • Progressive Approaches to Bluegrass
  • All "Earl" all the time
  • Banjo-Fiddle Duets
  • Singing with the Banjo
  • Black Banjo Styles & Influences
  • Old-time Fingerpicking
  • Blues on the Banjo
  • Tunes you Don't Expect to Hear on Banjo
  • Playing in a Band: Concepts & Techniques
  • Fiddle Tunes on Banjo
  • Vocal Harmonies
  • Bill Monroe Tunes on Banjo
  • What’s so Special about Demos?

    Although demonstrations do not feature hands on instruction, they do offer a valuable learning experience. By watching instructors play and listening to their explanatory remarks and verbal interchanges, you get a strong sense not only of the state of the field, but also of the history of bluegrass and old-time music. What’s more, observing the instructors in action is a great way to discover whose styles you are most attracted to, and whose methods of presentation suit you best.