John Herrmann

John Herrmann learned the Round Peak style of clawhammer from its original masters: Fred Cockerham, Kyle Creed, and Tommy Jarrell. He was also influenced early on by the playing of such contemporary old-time pickers as David Winston, Al Tharpe, Blanton Owen, and Steve Slottow. He was part of the Upstate New York old-time avant guard of the mid 1970s, and is responsible for many, now widespread, rhythmic innovations inspired by that style. John's specialty is playing with the fiddle.He has played all over the world - and in fact is known as the Father of Old-Time Music in Japan. He has performed and recorded with most prominent contemporary old-time fiddle players, including Dirk Powell, Tom Sauber, Rayna Gellert, Rhys Jones, Rafe Stefanini, and Tim O'Brien; he also toured widely with traditional fiddlers Ralph Blizard and Art Stamper. John has played and taught at most major festivals and music camps in the US. As a teacher, he specializes in getting people to play tunes they don't know, has developed many innovative teaching techniques, and is often credited for having both invented and created a name for "the slow jam."
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