MBC Student Comments Composite 2016

Newcomers to MBC

"After buying a banjo and attending banjo camp, I am totally in love with this instrument. This was one of the greatest experiences I have had in my personal life."
Sharon Ballard: Waterford, MI

"I LOVED camp and was sad to see it end. In my first two classes this year, I felt that I already had enough to practice to last me a year! The instructor concerts were absolutely wonderful. Thanks for a wonderful adventure."
Fran Alcantara: Riverside, IL

"Camp was fantastic, and I drove away totally charged up with all the ideas and tunes my brain was filled up with. There were so many great classes, I found it challenging to decide which to attend at times."
Eugene Knapik: Toronto, Canada

"Last week's camp truly was a highlight of my playing experience. I am going to be recommending to EVERYONE I play and communicate with that they attend next year's camp. It is only the first half of June, and I don't know how I'll surpass Banjo Camp for the rest of my summer!"
Ed Studzinski: Elmhurst, IL

"Greatest camp I ever attended."
Janice Dorsten: Clarkston, MI

"Thanks for the amazing experience. I came here carrying my banjo. I left playing it!"
Sharon Ballard: Waterford, MI

"Excellent! On a scale of 1-10, just about a 20."
Rob Wyatt: Jackson, TN

"Super fun and just an overall great camp."
Kate Workman: Farmington, MI

"Oh my! I love it! Thank you for a wonderful event that really pushed me as a player."
Joanne Olson: Ames, IA

"An incredible experience. My knowledge and skill improved more in three days than it did over the past two years with intermittent lessons."
Eric Palmer: Cincinnati

"This is the best weekend of the year no matter what level you are at. You should be here."
Anthony DePollo: South Lyon, MI

"This is the first event like this I have been at but hard to imagine a better one."
Joe Wetzel: Greenville, IN

"Thank you so much for the wonderful learning experience and opportunity to meet and learn from such outstanding musicians. I wish there was more of me so I could hit more workshops."
Dixie Andres: Blissfield, MI

"10 out of 10. More than just excellent instruction. Filled with warm and productive personal interactions with the finest banjo and guitar musicians/teachers."
Tim Darrow: Carrboro, NC

"A great experience for this first timer. More than I expected in all good ways. I will try my best to come back!"
David Swanson: Rockford: IL

"I came with high expectations which you exceeded in every way."
Kevin Kaufman: Bridgeport, WV

"As a first time visitor, the camp was fun and educational. The time passed very quickly as there was always something happening. MBC accommodated all levels of play seamlessly."
Fritz Beiermeister: : Farmington, MI

"Thank you for a very fine and enjoyable weekend of learning and playing fun! The energy was nothing but positive, the instruction was first-class, and the sense of comradery and personal warmth was great. You have created something filled with nurture and goodness."
Mac Bellingrath: Pine Bluff, AR

"I'm still amazed at the quality of instructors that were at camp. I enjoyed this camp immensely!"
Linda Gamel: Albuquerque, NM

"This was our very first banjo camp and it exceeded all expectations. What a wonderful service your provide for those who play and sing for the love of it."
Drs. Dennis and Janet Fisher : Ypsilanti, MI

"This was my first time at Midwest Banjo Camp and I’m already looking forward to next year. Thanks so much for a wonderful camp experience!"
Mike, Cyndi and Ardis Irwin: Yukon, OK

"A very well run camp, friendly people, great instructors; would highly recommend anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of music to attend."
Jeff Dodge: New Philadelphia, OH

"An amazing experience! The depth and breadth of experience made learning and integrating a pleasure/joy!"
Randall Westfall: Rodney, MI

"The best of the best – faculty , staff, organization n, knowledge, understanding helpfulness, excellent learning atmosphere."
Ann Conley: Canton, OH

"MBC exceeded my expectations in every way. I felt at once challenged and completely supported by everyone here."
Becca Sita: Chicago

"Wonderful experience. Diverse, multiple genres and great variety within each discipline."
Dave Bardenstein: Shaker Heights, OH

"Absolutely fantastic! Excellent, personable, approachable, instructors who really care about my learning: just a great weekend with really wonderful people, both faculty and students. Exactly what I wanted as a new player."
Kelly Moeller: Reno, NV

"Wonderful experience. Great diversity of styles/classes . Especially liked the new fingerstyle options."
Gary Bledsoe: Chicago

"Superb! Excellent logistics, brilliant instructors."
Peter MacDonald: Lindenhurst, IL

"Wonderful and friendly place to learn new skills and meet great people . I’d be hard pressed to find ideas to improve it."
Brian Walsh: Cambridge, MN

"MBC is great. A wonderful way to learn a lot and meet some great people."
Al Ferry: Howell, MI

"I was blown away at the concerts. The quality of musicians was fantastic."
Doug Fick: Elgin, IL

"Just a great week! All very well done!"
Chuck Beck: Dearborn, MI

"I’m at a loss. . . all I can say is that I want to come back next year. I had a great time!"
Parker Buckley: Yellow Springs, OH

"A well run and inclusive camp filled with friendly people interesting classes and awesome jams."
Mike Giffin: Saginaw, MI

"Magic! Pure Joy!"
Julie Mann: Blanco, TX

"Overall a wonderful, comfortable experience. The staff were open, welcoming and most helpful. I will be back!"
Geoff Tillotson: Brookfield, IL

Repeat Attendees

"After 6 camps, you develop musical and entertainment expectations. It’s extremely significant that they are consistently met and exceeded. As always, an inspiring and refreshing musical experience."
John Letscher: Hollidaysburg, PA

"Just keeps getting better year after year. It’s impossible but you have found a way to violate the laws of physics. Loren Hicks: Toronto, Canada
This is my third time at MBC. Each time my experience is better than the last. I learned a tremendous amount in three days. The overall atmosphere is great – friendly staff and everyone having a good time."
Neil Donovan: Chicago

"I didn't think it could be better than last year, but it was! I'm not really a novice; although I can't quite play to the intermediate level on most songs, I still found plenty to peak my interest."
Laurel Eakin: Brookstone, IN

"Thanks for yet another wonderful Midwest Banjo Camp!"
Sara Heggland: Boise, ID

"This is our third year and we’ll be back."
Ellen Shriver: Chicago

"My calendars is marked for June 1 - 4 2017. Each year my experience gets better and better! Thank you for all you do!"
Kathi Sutton: Lake Orion, MI

"As a previous attendee, I am continually amazed by the levels of knowledge and application that the instructors have and are able to clearly communicate to students. The instructors are phenomenal and the concerts are exceptional. The meals at the cafeteria were great, too."
Steve McCalmon: Burtchville, MI

"This is the second time I have attended. I looked forward to it all year. I expect to come back again and am confident that I will be able to expand my knowledge and have a good time while doing it."
Chris Killian: Millbrook, Ont., Canada

"This camp is both humbling and exhilarating : humbling to realize the magnitude of talent the instructors have and how far I have to go and exhilarating to be inspired to go further and learn more. I have learned and improved every year. I tell my granddaughter (who attends a music college) “to make good music and learn stuff.” This year she told me the same thing, and I have. It was once again a wonderful experience. Thank you for enriching my life."
Darryl Bush: Erie, PA

"My fifth year and I’m coming back."
Phil Mayer: Plymouth, MI