Tips on the Program

Hands-on Classes. Most of our classes are “hands-on,” meaning that teachers have a set of skills or a tune or two in mind to impart, and that students should have their banjos in hand during class.

Conflicts. It’s very likely that sometimes you’ll look at our schedule and wish you could be three places at once. This is quite normal, and not grounds for alarm. In fact, we feel we wouldn’t be properly doing our job as programmers if you didn’t want to be three places at once! The first time this happens to you, just follow your instincts and make your selection (you can’t go wrong, all the choices are good!). The next time you feel torn, try to select a class offered by a different teacher, the time after that by a third teacher, and so on.

Be diverse! Try to sample at least one class by as many instructors in your genre as possible over the course of the weekend. Don’t feel intimidated about attending a class offered by an instructor who is well known or whose playing is complex. After all, if he or she can do the complex stuff, he or she can probably explain the simple stuff, too (and all our teachers are great explainers, or they wouldn’t be here!)

Recording Devices. Many of our instructors teach by ear, so we strongly recommend that you bring recording devices to listen at home to the tunes and techniques you learned at Camp. Nowadays,  smart phones have inbuilt recording features that are surprisingly good; otherwise there are quite a number of excellent inexpensive dedicated recording devices on the market.

Other Music Related Items to Bring To Camp. We strongly recommend that you bring the following items with you to camp: an electronic tuner, a music stand, capos (at least two, in case you lose one), at least two sets of spare strings, and (if you use them) lots of spare picks. If you do forget any of these items, never fear; you can pick them up at the store that Elderly Instruments runs on site.

Artist CDs & Instructional Materials. No doubt you’ll want to take home lots of CDs, books and videos by your favorite instructors. We’ll have an artists’ sales booth to help you fulfill this aim. To make things easier for you, we can take any major credit card.