Youth and Work Scholarship Program

MBC’s Work Scholarships. MBC offers a few work-scholarships. We now offer a full $300 discount off the arrangement of your choice (full camp, weekend only, single occupancy, double occupancy, commuter, etc.) in exchange for about ten hours of work over the course of Camp. Your duties, which will probably involve things like helping at the front desk, running errands, making photo-copies, presiding at instrument check-in, and other, similar tasks, will be assigned by the directors or Site Coordinator, who will make an effort to ensure that you do not miss classes you especially wish to attend. Those applying should be serious players over 18 who could not otherwise afford to attend. They should also be physically fit, and capable of supplying their own initiative. Apply by sending an email describing your situation to

Work-Scholarships for “Non-Playing” Spouses and Companions. If you’re looking for something interesting to occupy your time, why not help-out at our front desk or otherwise assist our directors and Site Coordinator? Depending on the amount of time you can put in we can offer a refund from your original tuition price. To apply, send an email to Please do not apply unless you can put in at least eight hours of work over the course of Camp.

Our Youth Scholarship Program. If you are 25 or under and really enthusiastic about  playing and learning more; you can apply for a youth scholarship. Just email us with a few paragraphs describing your musical experience and ambitions. It will also help to attach a letter of recommendation from one or more instructors or established musicians who know you.  In some special cases we may be able to offer full scholarships (tuition plus room and board); but most grants will take the form of partial scholarships. We can sometimes offer various combinations of youth and work scholarships.

Donate to our Youth Scholarship Program: Youngsters often get a tremendous kick start by being exposed to great players and to the exciting atmosphere of a banjo camp, but they often have trouble finding the resources to attend. In an effort to remedy this state of affairs -- and help ensure the future of the music we love -- we have established a youth scholarship fund aimed at helping to bring more folks under 25 to Camp. If you can afford to contribute $25, $50, or even $100 to this cause, please check the appropriate box on the registration form and your donation will be automatically processed. Thank you!!