MBC Testimonials 2017

"11 out of 10!!!  I enjoyed every minute and every instructor! The classes were outstanding. Perfection."
-  Shari Ballard, Waterford MI

"It was far better than I imagined it could be. The quality of instruction is amazing and overall format of the camp is very well thought out. I highly recommended for anyone looking to establish basic skills, or develop ones they already have."
- Brian  Grondin Milwaikee

"It was a great experience - especially as a brand new banjo player. All the instructors were patient, and their passion was contagious!"
- Mike Lucroy, Anderson IN

"Well-paced sessions, good variety of instructors and topics. The evening concerts were a real gem! Felt like  this was a reunion for many of the musicians, and some really put their hearts into their performances."
- Christopher Reznick, Delta Town MI

"Off the charts fantastic !  Vast knowledge being shared everywhere at all classes and easy to understand and learn and well explained . The jams everywhere were so good and right on I had to pinch myself to be sure I wasn't dreaming all this . Playing right alongside these famous musicians at jams and at any level was some dream come true . Thank's to all for putting this all together for all of us."
- Scott Barnum, Houghton MI,

"Jams: Being able to play music with your heroes? What's not to like!?"
- Geoff Tillotson, Brookfiled  IL

"From the moment I walked in the door everyone was so welcoming and every day kept getting better.  I met some fantastic people, saw some awesome musicians perform and came away inspired and with a plan to up my banjo game.  I think I met all of my goals by the end of Friday."
- Linda Grossheim, Richland MI

"A ton of information and fun.  Instructors were top notch.  There is much to digest - after drinking from a fire hose of new ideas!"
- Bill Wood, Ann Arbor MI

"To paraphrase our president: “Who knew the banjo could do such different things?”
- Bob Boomer, Grosse Pointe MI

"Everyone involved was so kind and friendly.  I came away with such positive feelings.  I don't think I ran into anyone who didn't smile and say hello.
- Kelly Mocarski,  Copley OH

"Superb camp.  Very organized.  Talented instructors.  Varied and interesting classes.  Extremely friendly campers!  So much fun, I'm back year after year! One of, if not the best available.  I've attended other camps but this one is outstanding! At this point I've met so many great people and made so many friends I wouldn't consider missing it!"
- Mike Giffin, Saginaw  MI

" Midwest banjo camp was great! Concerts: Fabulous, I was awed by the level of talent! Top notch teachers and talent and a whole lot of great folks. I hope to return next year."
- Kevin Kerwin, NEW  HYDE PARK, NY

"From 1 to 10 this was a 10: by far the best instruction I’ve had."
- Albert Young, Ferndale

"MIMBC 2017 was one of the very best experiences I have ever had at a music camp or workshop. The instruction was fantastic, the music was wonderful, and the people (i.e., instructors, other participants at the camp, and the staff) all were fantastic. I learned an enormous amount over the weekend and made some new friends. All in all, wonderful!"
- Bill Jacoby, Okemos MI

"I can particularly appreciate the hard work that goes into making it all run so smoothly. I directed a summer program at the University of Michigan so I have personal experience with putting together something like this. To have it all come off without a hitch, as it did is a huge testament to the efforts that went into putting the whole thing together. GREAT JOB!!!! It was a fantasic experience."
- Bill Jacoby, Okemos MI

"Without doubt, the best experience of my musical life. A totally outstanding experience for both my wife and myself.  We're hooked!"
- Mark Krauss, State College PA

"10/10, two thumbs up, 5 stars.  The program you have put together feels like it's once in a lifetime, and yet happens every year."
- Zachary Fortin, Lake Orion MI

"It's the best. It's a gathering of the best in the banjo world, incredible performers and instructors."
- Heidi Hess-Bynum,  Radcliff KY

"Midwest Banjo Camp is a true nurturing experience.  I love the music, I love the conversation, and I have made friends who I look forward to seeing in years to come.  Thank you for creating this wonderful time.  Hats off to you!"
- Mac Bellingrath, Pine Bluff AR

MBC far exceeded my expectations, lots for novices as well as more experienced players and great rapport within the group for the entire weekend. Looking forward to going back again."
- Fred Doern, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"Fantastic experience.  I would recommend it to anyone who plays an instrument (especially banjo) or want to learn to play the banjo."
- Rick Spratt, Avon Lake  OH

"I really enjoyed it and thought it was worth every penny!"
- Mike Zatirka, Livonia MI

"This was a grand and glorious experience for me. Great instruction from people who really seemed to care about helping us to improve our playing. The fact that we could interact with these world- class performers in a casual atmosphere was incredible. Top- notch.! Can't wait for next year."
- Michael Whitney,  Pottsville PA

"I had the most fun I've had in a long time.  All the professional staff were extremely personable and it was great fun just hanging out with them.  These are all really good people who are passionate about their music.  Simply awe inspiring.  Concerts were priceless."
- John Mahowald, Sartell MN

"Overall my first camp was more than I expected.  It energized me to practice everything I learned."
- Denis Mahowald, Huron SD

Absolutely a fantastically organized and implemented program with top-notch instructors and pedagogy. I am so pumped to practice and try to attain higher skills before next year's camp. The variety of sessions and length of sessions were perfect. Even more importantly, the quality of the instructors was AMAZING!!! If you were to run an Acting Camp, the instructors would be like Meryl Streep! I learned the basics and am now inspired to practice my butt off before next year's camp!!"
- Kathy Harper, Yorkville IL

"Between the positive supportive staff and the great concerts & jamming, I would recommend MBC to all aspiring banjo (and mandolin, guitar, and fiddle) players."
- Wells Wheeler, Lake Forest IL

"Always a joy and lots of fun!"
- Tim Bryan, Mokena IL

" Great camp once again. Fantastic jams!"
- Eugene Knapik, Toronto

Outstanding, and keeps getting better every year."
- Ray Treat, Savannah GA

"A splendid time was had by all."
- Jerry Goldberg, Marshville WI

"Uniformly excellent. Over seven camps the experience has never failed to be musically, educationally and socially satisfying. The consistent quality of the experience has never varied and continues to be looked forward to! Essentially a real fine down the line good time."
- John Letscher, Hollidaysburg PA.