Testimonials 2018

MBC was absolutely fantastic. I can't believe how much I learned in just a few days. I feel like I
have enough material to practice for the whole year! The teachers were all phenomenal, and I
really liked how each one had a different teaching style and different material to share. I'll
definitely be back next year. (Elizabeth Allen: Toronto)

Absolutely amazing; I loved it! It was like being dropped into a foreign country where
everybody spoke banjo. I loved getting to learn from all my banjos heroes. Bravo Ken and Stan!
You put your hearts into making this camp run so smoothly . It was life-changing. I can’t thank
you enough. (Cynthia Seputis: Arlington Heights, IL)

My expectations were far exceeded. I learned, I got better, and I made so many new and talented
friends. I love my family but I don’t want to go home. (Scott Campbell: Ann Arbor, MI)

I’ll soon have ten camps in. I’ve discovered that above and beyond the positive musical and
entertainment experience what makes the camp so special is the approachability and dedication
of the staff and instructors. Class people providing a class experience. See you next year! (John
Letscher: Hollidaysburg, PA).

Freaking amazing!! (Shirley Rayner: Winnipeg)

Fantastic experience. I wish I had attended earlier in my life so I’d have improved faster.
I would attend every year if I could. (Peter Blais: St. Louis)

Everything banjo. MBC is like a trip into the wilderness, escape day-to-day routines to experience
familiar and unexpected music ( Dennis Davidson: Minneapolis)

Fantastic! Best instruction I’ve ever had! I learned a ridiculous amount in three days and can’t wait
to get home and woodshed (Amy Coffman: Amarillo, TX)

Outstanding! Camp this year did not disappoint. High quality, well organized experience.
This was my 12th camp. I’ll be back next year. (Mike Giffin: Saganaw, MI)

I love this camp! Probably my ideal old-time lineup and it’s the only place I can get 19th century
and minstrel instruction. The 19th-century track has changed my life; I approach music differently
because of all these classes. (Heidi Hess Bynum: Radcliff, KY)

Nice people, rich experience, life-changing. The friendliness of staff, volunteers and participants.
The professional attitude of instructors: They took their teaching seriously, but with humor.
Well organized. Thanks to all for such competence and heart!!!! (Celia Dunnington: Iowa City, IA)
Awesome as always! The instructors are outstanding and the concert is just jaw-dropping. (Amy
Derosier: Lansing, MI)

The camp was very well thought out and organized. It was a privilege to be instructed by some
of the best talent in the bluegrass world. (Keith Ellison Williams: Rockford IL)

I just wanted to thank you for organizing a great event. I work in the event industry - for the
nonprofit that organizes the Twin Cities Marathon and a bunch of other running events - so I
know just how much work goes into "sweating the details." So, thanks again for all the great
planning and execution. (Charlie Mahler: Northfield, MN)

So much variety to choose from; it is definitely a fantasy camp for banjo players of all abilities.
Carol Rehak (So. Milwaukee, WI)

As in past years, I was thrilled by the whole experience. I appreciate how much work goes into
making everything work well. All teachers are fine players and, for every teacher who has been
at previous camps, I can be assured that they are also good teachers - Fine players who aren't fine
teachers don't get invited back. (Ruth Ann Weinberg : Highland Park IL)

Outstanding! Great instructors; everyone was welcoming and friendly. It pushed me out of my
comfort zone. I loved being part of the banjo community. The classes helped me understand
things that I already partially knew, and helped me think about things in a different way.
(Duncan Manley: Birmingham, AL)

It opened my eyes to all the different things I could explore with the banjo; first time here and
loved it! (Gary Leach: New Castle, MI)

An amazing number of choices! So easy to pick a class that fits in any time slot. (Paul Gowling: Ontario)

Wonderful event. High standard! Well run. (Anne Gowling: Guleph, Ontario)

I love the camp Everyone is warm and friendly; and high quality instruction; non-stop fun! (Ed Kickham: Bloomfield MI)

Wonderful. Awesome combination of classes , jam opportunities, amazing concerts, enthusiastic people. (Parker Buckley: Yellow Springs, Ontario)

Great positive, friendly, learning atmosphere. (Kathy Sutton: Lake Orion, MI)

Second time here; value is so great I will continue to come. (Peter Brooks: Sister Bay, WI)

This is my seventh camp. I can’t say enough about the quality and value. (Don Rahelich: Hinesburg, VT)

I learned some things about the blues I’ve been after for years. I guess I’ll have to come back again next year. (Loren Hicks: Toronto)

Awesome! A very enriching and motivating experience. (Mark Krauss: State College, PA)

Fantastic! Incredible! Exciting! Inspiring! (David McFarland:L Blooming ton,IN)

An excellent experience. I found something interesting in every time slot. (Darryl Bush: Erie PA)

Things run very smoothly with no obvious issues at all that I could see. Peter Jackson, (Nunica, MI)

Excellent instructors and organization. I always appreciate the variety of courses. (Josh Leven: Alto MI)

I was delighted with the instruction and sheer weight of learning opportunities. (David Zub: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

I had a great time! Everyone was friendly and welcoming. The programs were great. (M’lou Brubaker: Goodland, MN)

Another great year! (Mike Thomas: Harsens Island, MI)

As a first timer I was impressed with the format, organization and value of the weekend (Dan Degasperis: Ortonville, MI)

Outstanding! Very well organized. Many thanks for the precious memories. It was a great weekend. (Shari Ballard: Waterford, MI)

Fabulous! Excellent! Well done. Thanks for all you do! (Mac Bellingrath: Pine Bluff, AR)

Another great year! Excellent camp. Hugely enjoyable. Stellar instructional staff. (Chuck Beck: Dearborn, MI)

Fantastic! Loved it! Very efficient use of time! The classes were great: informative,
business like and made good use of time. (Eileen Sugars: Duluth, MN)

Very well organized, well run, impressively talented of teachers. (Mark Skipworth: Carol Stream, IL)

Outstanding. Been here five years in a row; hope to be back in 2019 (Al Piskorski: Arlington Heights, IL)

Nobody could be better! I love the Midwest again.(Rob Kunkel, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands)